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baron-3209-EditBaron Bratby – LSWPP

Hi I’m Baron. My name is taken from a court and society photographer in the early 20th century, perhaps it is no surprise then I should find photographs and photography as fascinating as my father. Even before taking up a camera I loved browsing through battered family albums, listening to the stories they evoked from my parents.

For me photography is not simply about the images. Its the memories they lock in for posterity. The stories that flood back when looked at, whether yours or those of family and friends. Stories that would have been forgotten forever without the power of those images.

The thought that for years, perhaps centuries, to come families will be pouring over the photographs I created gives me huge pleasure. I consider it an honour to be trusted with those memories by so many and grateful there are still those who appreciate the value of a professional portrait, realising it is an investment that grows with importance over time.

In today’s hectic society it is so easy for precious moments to become lost in the rush to get on with the next task on the list. All the more important we stop sometimes to savour that moment and make sure we have something to remember them by.

So what memory is it you wish me to capture? These are a few I have had the joy of photographing

  • Babies in their first wonderful days of life
  • Special celebrations from engagement through to diamond wedding anniversaries.
  • Proud mums-to-be counting down the last few weeks to that special day
  • Women wanting a special reminder of themselves before embarking on motherhood
  • Parents eager to ensure they have something to look back on as the children grow and eventually move on.
  • Partners wanting a keepsake of their loved one during periods apart

As an experienced photographer I am at ease working with large families, children and pets – even all together! What I really love though is the intimate individual portrait that captures a persons uniqueness and gives them a new confidence. Few things beat a woman gasping ‘is that really me’ at the first viewing of their Boudoir images or a mothers look of joy as they spot the photo they simply must have of their new baby.

You are here because you realise how important it is to capture some special moment in your life so don’t allow this one to slide into obscurity.

Call me now on 01296 615631 or click here to send your details and I will get back to you.

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I’m Nils and I am Studio Fashion & Beauty photographer  for Immortaleye Photography in Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury.

I’ve been taking pictures ever since I was little but never thought of it as something I’d take up professionally. To me it was always just a hobby and something to do on my various travels aboard. However when my father, a photographer with years of experience,  opened the studio I agreed to help out. Since then I have found photography to be hard work, challenging, frequently both exhausting and infuriating and often just bizarre.. and I love every minute of it!

Photography allows me to be creative, experiment and try new things. I’ve met and worked with amazing talented people and hope to collaborate with many more. Although new to the business I’m starting to develop my own style and approach to making great images. I love simple compositions that use light and vivid colour to add impact. For me, an image should draw the eye to it and make you want to look.

I love many styles of photography, including vintage pin-up, reportage and classic Hollywood noir but my main focus is contemporary Fashion and Beauty. Currently I am looking to work with new and established designers and build up contacts in the industry.

If you like my work and want to get involved pleased get in touch.